David Gruber Letter

Thank you for visiting itsAaron.com!

Aaron and I have partnered together because we have a shared passion for making a difference. I believe strongly in what Aaron stands for. He works extremely hard as an MVP quarterback, but also invests very significant time and resources in the community. Aaron truly cares about people.

When I was a kid my parents taught me how to care and to strive to always positively impact others' lives, if possible. My dad was a police captain in New Jersey, a hardworking and honest man. My mother was an inspiration. She battled cancer for over thirty years – a fantastic lady who I miss very much since she passed away from cancer only a few years ago. They taught me that what I do with my life can impact the community I live in, one way or another, and I take their lessons to heart each and every day. My wife Nancy, and our children, Steven and Lauren, make a concerted effort to give back to our community on a daily basis.

So when Aaron and I were looking for a way to maximize our partnership, it made perfect sense to create itsaaron.com. Aaron and I support multiple organizations individually, but we decided to choose an organization whose efforts deeply touched each of us - one that we could highlight together. We chose the MACC Fund.

As a community, we've lost far too many unbelievably positive and admirable kids to cancer. The MACC Fund is one of the pre-eminent organizations in the country that strives to cure childhood cancer and blood disorders through research. No family should ever lose a child, or experience the agony of watching their child battle cancer or a blood disease. Although progress has been made, more progress needs to be made. Please join me and Aaron. Together, we can all make a difference. Get involved!

And stay tuned… Because itsAaron.com is just getting started.

David Gruber

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